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Now that spring (both days) has arrived in New England we can finally put winter behind us. March came in like a lion and went out like lamb that was mauled by a lion. I lost count of how many Nor'easters we endured during the month of March but I'm pretty sure it was 42.

But this post is not about how schizophrenic New England weather can be. It's about something new and exciting that I've been doing while waiting for spring to arrive. I've started a marketing podcast with two friends of mine: Alicia Piazza (social media marketing consultant) and Bill Parmentier (commercial photographer and videographer). 

Step One: The Webinar

All of this began back in the fall of last year while the three of us were sitting around one day talking shop and I realized that our individual skills and expertise overlapped in the area of digital marketing. After making the off-hand remark, "Hey, maybe we should do a webinar together," it took about a nanosecond for Alicia to excitedly reply, "YES!" Before any of us had time to overthink it, we had marked our calendars for the last week of January as a broadcast date.

None of us had ever created, or promoted, a webinar before. But how hard could it possibly be? Over the next couple of months we found out just how much work it is. One of the hardest lessons we learned was, in order to look professional and relaxed in front of the camera for a 60-second promo video, it actually requires talent.

On the left is the final promotional video which, in my opinion, turned out ok considering none of had ever make one of these videos before. Seriously, black clothing against a black backdrop? On the right is the outtake reel that Bill edited down from SIX HOURS of footage (not kidding).


Step Two: The Podcast

We broadcast the webinar twice, once in January and once in February. The attendance for both sessions was respectable, especially considering nobody knew who we were as a team. Oh, I forgot to mention we dubbed ourselves The Marketing Essentials Team. We initially considered Marketing Mod Squad but someone had already claimed that moniker, plus Bill refused to wear a wig for the promos. After the second webinar broadcast we looked at each other and said, "Well, that was fun but now what?" We still wanted to provide free marketing and design advice and we realized that we could easily expand on the material from the webinar, hence, the idea of doing a podcast was born.

How much work could it possibly be, right?

The answer to that naive question is: it's practically a part-time job. But we've successfully divided the work among the three of us, based on our individual talents. Alicia handles our social media marketing, Bill records, edits, and produces our podcasts, and I make the coffee. The format of the podcasts is less formal than the webinar and we have a great time talking about our professional experiences while offering insights and advice to small business owners about the most effective ways to market themselves.

Bill, Alicia, and I recording our first podcast. Look at all that cool tech!

Bill, Alicia, and I recording our first podcast. Look at all that cool tech!

To date, we have four podcast episodes published, with several more in the process of being edited. You can watch and listen to our podcast on the Marketing Essentials Team website or subscribe to it on iTunes. We publish every two weeks and invite you to send us your questions or ideas for future podcasts. You can also keep up with the team on our Facebook page, where we post updates, articles about marketing and design, and the occasional wolf puppet video.

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