Hogan Business Solutions

Hogan Business Solutions had been in existence for several years when Rose, the owner, asked me to help her develop a professional website. HBS was operating successfully as a word-of-mouth business but had grown to the point where Rose needed to hire employees and digitally market her bookkeeping and business development services to accelerate her growth curve.

Rose provided me with a logo that another designer had developed but never implemented. The logo’s gear concept made sense — HBS provided services to help small businesses run like a well-oiled machine — but the execution needed to be cleaned up a bit for visual balance and legibility.

I brought a writer onto the team to work with Rose and develop marketing copy for the website and craft a positioning statement for the home page.

We decided to use the Squarespace platform for Rose’s new website since she didn’t need any special features other than a simple contact form. For the home page I created a custom video loop of happy, productive small business owners to reinforce the headline, “We help your business thrive.”

Rose was very excited about her new professional website and business cards because it now allowed her to be more intentional with her marketing strategy. She was especially thrilled when a prospective client reached out to her though the website’s contact form within an hour after we launched the site.

Not having a website hindered my ability to effectively market my services. Very shortly after the website went live I had a sales call and the person commented it was great to know our company could provide a very specific service.
— Rose Hogan, Owner