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Develop an authentic brand for your business that communicates a clear, consistent, and compelling message.

strategy first

How to avoid going off half-cocked

Entrepreneurs often neglect strategy when it comes to developing their brand and marketing their business. In other words, they go off “half-cocked.”


What my clients say

Justin knows how to take strategy and brand information and apply it to design. He can help you define your brand look and feel, and doesn’t just apply his own style to your projects. He really knows how to execute your brand.
— Suzanne Copeland, SVP, CMO, Sterling National Bank
Our previous design did not tell our story well nor inspire our community to give or volunteer. Since the relaunch we’ve more than tripled our monetary and in-kind contributions.
— Ashton Tippins, Executive Director, TABLE
Justin is a talented visual designer and a thoughtful problem solver. He’s also mastered ‘the art of listening’ which guides his understanding of client needs and goals.
— Jeanne Albrektson, Albrektson Studio
Justin was able to ‘get’ us. Very early on, he hit on a look and feel that rang absolutely true to us.
— Maureen Brindle, Northwest Harvest

25+ years as a professional designer. 10 years as a pirate. Since both of these pursuits bring me joy I’ve decided to blend them in order to help other entrepreneurs become more authentic and discover their true brand.

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