Design Strategy

The role of a strategist is to work alongside their clients to identify problems, set goals, and develop solutions. The most important element is this entire process is good communication.


Discovery is a fancy industry term for the process of answering the question, “What is the problem we’re trying to solve?” Although it may seem obvious to begin with discovery you’d be surprised how often it’s skipped. Once the problem has been identified, specific goals can be set which shape the boundaries of the design process.

Concept & Design

Working within the boundaries of the project goals provides a safe place to explore possible solutions while minimizing scope creep or breaking the budget. Starting with quick and easy methods, usually sketches, is the best way to generate a lot of ideas and eliminating the more obvious ones. 

Logo Design

Logos are the visual triggers for brands. Successful logos are part of larger identity system that includes a logo, fonts, a color palette, and other visual elements that comprise an organization’s visual brand. A well-designed logo is an investment in the success of your company because it’s the face of your company and represents you to potential customers.


A brand is more than just a logo. It’s the message your company communicates every time a customer interacts with you, your product, or your service. Your brand is also the visual and written voice you communicate through your marketing. Therefore, it should be true to who you are and the message needs to be clear, consistent, and compelling.

The way to discover your true brand is by creating a compelling mission statement, a vision for the future, and core values that inspire not just your customers but your employees, as well. Then you have the foundation for developing effective visual marketing.

Web & Print Design

web design

The core of your company’s online presence is a website. It’s the central location where prospective customers check you out and where you drive traffic from all other marketing channels (print, video, social media). An effective marketing website attracts, informs, and engages visitors in order to convert them into leads, and eventually, customers.

Print Design

It’s important to balance your digital marketing efforts (web, social media, video) with tangible print materials. Well-designed business cards, brochures, catalogs, and direct mail pieces are memorable and studies show that people assign high value to printed marketing because of its haptic nature (the science of communicating through touch).


Design Consultation Sessions

Valuable strategy for start-ups and DIY-ers

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur that prefers to do your own design and marketing but aren’t sure how to start. Or you’re a start-up that got stuck while designing your logo or building a website and need some guidance to bring it to completion. A two-hour design consultation with me can restore your confidence and get you back on track.

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